Discover more about our participation at the 10th EASN Virtual International Conference

On September 3rd, our partner Monolithos presented at the 10th EASN Virtual International Conference with a conference entitled Recycling of Critical Raw Materials from Hydrogen Chemical Storage Stacks (PEMWE), Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) and Electrocatalysts.

The authors of the study (Anastasia Moschovi , Eirini Zagoraiou, Ekaterini Polyzou, Iakovos Yakoumis) presented  a promising method for simultaneously CRMs recovery from PEMWE stacks, MEAs and electrocatalysts, which results in a low cost and single step hydrometallurgical process for PGMs recovery.

This is the first action of dissemination of the results obtained in the framework of the Promet-H2 project and it is a step towards an efficient, low-cost and environmentally friendly recycling strategy for the recovery of CRMs and PEMWE’s high-cost materials.