Further progress in the final phase of the project

The PROMET-H2 project aims to develop new technologies that will improve the processes of energy transmission to hydrogen, as well as its cost and storage. It is based on hydrogen as a solution for the storage of electricity produced with renewable energies, as these depend on highly variable climatic conditions. To encourage the use of these kind of energy sources, it is necessary to develop safe and competitive alternatives to electrochemical storage. Hydrogen, because of its high density, is a promising solution.

We are in the final phase of the project where the stack that has been developed within the framework of the project will be integrated with the balance of plant in order to carry out the testing of the complete electrolyser.  This system will be introduced in the container shown in the image, thus creating a modular system which is easy to transport. This testing will be carried out until the end of the project, which will be next year.

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