Our next and first face-to-face meeting of the project will take place in Athens on the 1st and 2nd of June. We have the opportunity to be part of the EU GREEN WEEK and it is something that we could not miss. EU Green Week is an annual opportunity to debate and discuss European environmental […]

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The PROMET-H2 project aims to develop new technologies to improve the processes of transforming energy into hydrogen, as well as its cost and storage. It is based on hydrogen as a solution for the storage of electricity produced with renewable energies, as these depend on highly variable climatic conditions. In order to promote the use […]

Discover our latest article in Energy & Environmental Science

Proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE) is the most promising technology for sustainable hydrogen production. However, it has been too expensive to compete with current state-of-the-art technologies due to the high cost of titanium bipolar plates (BPPs) and porous transport layers (PTLs). Here, we report a high-performance, durable and low-cost PEMWE cell with coated stainless […]

NEW ARTICLE IN IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

PROMET-H2’s partner has recently published an article entitled “Recycling of Critical Raw Materials from Hydrogen Chemical Storage Stacks (PEMWE), Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) and Electrocatalysts” Within the framework of the PROMET-H2 project, MONOLITHOS has developed a novel optimized hydrometallurgical method for high PGMs recovery from spent automotive catalysts. This work aims to describe how this […]

Discover more about our participation at the 10th EASN Virtual International Conference

On September 3rd, our partner Monolithos presented at the 10th EASN Virtual International Conference with a conference entitled Recycling of Critical Raw Materials from Hydrogen Chemical Storage Stacks (PEMWE), Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) and Electrocatalysts. The authors of the study (Anastasia Moschovi , Eirini Zagoraiou, Ekaterini Polyzou, Iakovos Yakoumis) presented  a promising method for simultaneously […]

PROMET-H2: A European project for reducing the cost and making a more sustainable methanol production from renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is participating in this initiative, which has a budget of nearly 6 million euros and brings together 12 academic and industrial partners from 6 countries The current need to decarbonize society and the different economic activities makes it necessary to implement new processes that allow this purpose to be carried out […]

La Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón participa en el proyecto europeo PROMET-H2

La Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón, con sede en el Parque Tecnológico Walqa y presidida por el vicepresidente y consejero de Industria, Competitividad y Desarrollo Empresarial del Ejecutivo aragonés, Arturo Aliaga, participa en una iniciativa para abaratar y hacer más sostenible la producción de metanol a partir de hidrógeno renovable a escala industrial. Ese es el principal objetivo del proyecto […]

Cost-effective PROton Exchange MEmbrane WaTer Electrolyser for Efficient and Sustainable Power-to-H2 Technology (PROMET-H2)

CENmat is part of the 12 membered consortium of the PROMET-H2 project funded by the European Commission with the grant agreement ID 862253 ( Wasserstoff (H2) als erneuerbare Energiequelle könnte den durch CO2-Emissionen verursachten Klimawandel abschwächen. Doch noch werden bei seiner Herstellung Kohlenwasserstoffe gebraucht, aus denen wiederum hohe CO2-Emissionen entstehen. Könnte man den Wasserstoff über […]